I've been stitching for years, since my first felt bunny finger puppet, through some awkward cross-stitch pattern choices (I think there were kittens in dresses), and am now making quilts and other handmade items. I have learned and gained so much from the online sewing and quilting community that I decided to share my projects here.  

One of the reasons I love quilting is that quilts are not only beautiful, but also useful and truly loved by their owners. They literally warm us up! When I was growing up, I loved making woven potholders for my family and exulted in the fact that we were using something I made.  I feel the same way about quilts!

Quilts connect to history, as well, and I love thinking of all the women of the past pouring energy and inspiration into items meant to be used and loved every day. Back in times when women weren't usually artists, I feel sure that handmade items were infused with the joy and pride of creativity.

I prefer to use simple patterns and bright colors, and am inspired by everyday sources, from a stack of cereal bowls, to a community garden plot, to some cool sneakers I saw on the subway. I would hope that my designs aren't destined to hang on walls, but to be chewed on, spilled on, picnicked with, spread out, brought along, and snuggled under-- over and over again.

You can contact me at sixwhitehorsesstudio [at] gmail [dot] com.


  1. Hello there!! I just found your blog and I love your style : ) I am your newest fan.

  2. Yep, today is the day I found your blog. I certainly hope you are enjoying the lovely weather your northern state of Maine provides in June.
    I am in northern...... Virginia. It is going to be 90º today
    96º tomorrow
    I like your blog and I am subbing now so I can remember to look around at all of your pretty projects


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