25 January 2023

Around the World Baby Quilt


I mocked up this "Trip Around the World" baby quilt on graph paper and worked on it in 6x6-square sections. Ruby Star Society's Warp and Weft collection fabrics are lightweight and make for an extremely soft finished product!

23 January 2023

Winter Star Baby Quilt

This little wintry beauty was inspired by one I saw online somewhere last year... but I can't remember where! My notes say that it was called a "Christmas Star", but I can't find it. 

If anyone recognizes it, let me know! I think there was even a tutorial that I followed. 

12 January 2021

Corner Stars Baby Quilt

FINALLY! Someone "ok with pink" had a baby. 

A Baby Girl (Quilt)

When my daughter was born (um... over 2 years ago...) I finally got to pull out this little patchwork quilt top that I'd been saving "just in case I have a girl" 💗. She's my second child, so... it's fitting that it has taken this long to post. 

23 June 2019

Sliced Stripes Baby Quilt

I've long admired Meg Callahan's quilts, and this baby quilt is inspired by her aesthetic.

While I didn't hope to replicate the intricacy and scale of her designs, I stuck to just two fabrics (!) and focused on the overall texture of the sliced stripes in a field of white.

I used one of my favorite Anna Maria Horner prints from her Honor Roll collection, and some solid Kona White. They are SO bright despite the dreary lighting of a Maine November.

For the backing, I chose a navy star charts print from Hawthorne Threads, and kept the straight line quilting pretty minimal to match the sliced stripes. 

30 April 2019

Triangle Patchwork Baby Quilt

Back when there was still snow on the ground, I finished up this small and sweet triangle patchwork baby quilt.