11 July 2016

Fair Isle Baby Quilt

A sampler quilt, of a sort! This past winter, I set out to make a baby quilt out of strips of different patterns-- a fair isle quilt.  I took inspiration from horizontal patterns in quilts as well as sweaters.

I also dove into a stack of fabrics I'd been hoarding from Cloud 9 fabrics based on Goodnight Moon. Those kittens and mittens!

One of the best parts: planning! I didn't get to use all my ideas, but so enjoyed dreaming them up.

Even though the quilt isn't wonky in the slightest, making it had an improvisational feel because I tackled one strip at a time, figuring out measurements and fabric requirements as I went.

The fabric collection includes a fetching cheater patchwork print which I used for the back. For binding, black and white stripes.  The quilting is a style I've been itching to try: sloping diagonal lines with a few clustered together at a time. 

It measures up at about 40" x 50", and has been cat-approved. This design is something I'm excited to keep playing with!


  1. So cute! How did you figure out the angle of the quilting?

    1. Hmm, I think I used a long metal drafting ruler to mark one line somewhere in the middle (no specific angle). Then I used a clear quilting ruler to evenly space the rest based on that first line :)

  2. Very cute! Fun idea for a baby quilt.


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