24 March 2016

Sunny Patchwork Baby Quilt

While we're waiting for spring to start up *for real* (it's snowing right now...), this little aqua and yellow patchwork quilt is a spot of sunshine.  

Hopefully some fresh leaves will come out one of these days...

This quilt measures up at about 36"x40", and is quilted in double straight lines along the seams.  It was such fun, too, to pull some of my favorite fabrics in shades of light blue, teal, aqua, and yellow. Those little scottie dogs are just prancing around!

For binding and backing, I used a couple fabrics I've had for a long time: some cozy flannel for the back with a perfect "improv patchwork" feel, and aqua and gray dots on white for binding.


  1. Oh this is so beautiful. I love the backing fabric too, and the binding. Excellent and well done!

  2. This is just a wonderful combination of colors! Love it!

  3. I love those colors! Beautiful quilt!

  4. A beautiful and happy quilt. Love it!


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