22 February 2022

Lone Star Baby Quilt

For this bb quilt, I used this great tutorial for a 30" finished "block" and added extra sashing. 

Lone Stars *look* super impressive... but they come together really quickly. 

So many old favorite fabrics - the block doesn't use a ton of print fabric, so I could scrape these together. 

Binding surprise.



  1. Beautiful quilt that will be cherished forever! A Lone Star design is so classic and just perfect for a baby quilt...great work!

  2. I came upon a "scrappy" LeMoyne Star with no attribution. I now believe it originated from you. I was quite inspired by it. I've been making diamond strip sets and experimenting with color placement. I'm working with 2.5" cut diamonds which will make a 9.5" block. It has been quite fun. I'm insetting the squares and QST's (having made a mission to conquer this technique). Thank you for your beautiful design inspiration.

  3. P. S. I'm loving your solo star here!


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