02 January 2014

Flying Geese Baby Quilt

New year, new quilt!  Wishing everyone a wonderful year to come!

This little guy measures up at 35 x 58 inches, with 8 x 18 flying geese units!  I like the second method here, which makes four units at a time with truly minimal waste.

I usually gravitate towards girly motifs (if not colors...) and this time I intentionally picked a variety of bright fabrics from my stash that were truly gender-neutral, focusing on red, gold, blue, and turquoise, with some green here and there.

Instead of using white or another solid for a background, I played around with some low-volume prints, which was very fun.  My favorite is a print from Lecien's Red and Blue Work Collection, which features letters and this very charming cat!

This quilt is backed in a print from Perfectly Perched, which I've been saving away for a while now. I love animal prints like these that are cute, but not cutesy.

 Kona Tomato provides a bright and strong contrast for binding.

Simple quilting lines along the vertical seams will keep this one pretty soft, especially since there are so many seams with the flying geese.

I really love quilts like these with an "all over" texture created by simple geometry, too. Sad to see this one go, but very happy for its new little owner!


  1. I was just going to put 'such a happy quilt' and see I was beaten to it!

  2. I am such a sucker for flying geese, and this is a wonderful example.

  3. This is so fun. Perfect binding too

  4. Gorgeous! Love it all - the fabrics on the top, the backing choice and the binding. Just perfect.

  5. It's pretty and bright, Happy New Year!

  6. love the colors and I like your choice for quilting! I agree that flying geese can get a little bulky and this is a great solution!


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