18 April 2014

Improv Neutrals Baby Quilt

This quilt is one of my very favorites!  Inspired by a long-time flickr favorite of mine, I used a mix of neutrals with bright centers in improvised log cabin blocks.

I also added one thin charcoal bar to each block and tried to rotate the blocks as I decided what should go where.

I've had the blocks for quite some time, and intended to make a much larger quilt with it, but I was in a "use it or lose it" kind of mood and decided to stitch them up.  In no time, I had a baby quilt top that measures about 36" x 48".

It is quilted with varying widths of straight horizontal lines, bound with a Joel Dewberry True Colors herringbone in turquoise, and backed with a simple gray solid.  It seems like I've been waiting YEARS to bind something with one of these prints, and I just love how it turned out.

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  1. Really pretty! I would love to do more improv stuff, but living in Europe, I pay so much for shipping and then VAT on the fabric I buy, I'm afraid to mess it up and end up wasting it! Good for you for taking it off the wip pile!

  2. I think I 'faved' this from Flickr. Love your version too. Beautiful

  3. this is so pretty. I made something similar for the Pantone Quilt Challenge. I just love the improvisation and the neutrals.

  4. I like it! It's so modern! :)

  5. Love! Your use of the coloured centres and the grey is fabulous!


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