23 January 2012

Hello there!

I hope this blog will chronicle my adventures in sewing and quilting. I’ve been keeping a similar record with my flickr account, which I just learned needs to be upgraded to “pro” in order to have more than 200 photos.  No thank you, Flickr, even though I love you so much. I’m no pro. 

But I would still love to have a chronicle of my projects.

from my first finished project…

…to some adventures in wrinkly machine-quilting…

 …to my original designs.


 Happy endings.


Although I always had some kind of artsy project going when I was younger, I’ve seriously been sewing and quilting for about two years, and flickr's bees, groups, and its vibrant crafting community have taught me so much, sent me to inspiring blogs, and ignited my enthusiasm!

I hope this blog is the next step!  Quite a few times I’ve wished to show more of my work process, or be able to share more of how I created a project than flickr can support.  Onwards!  


  1. I wanted to drop a note and tell you that I love your blog! I am surprised its so new. You have a fabulous blog style! I look forward to seeing more from you. I'm new to the quilting blogging myself. I've been a successful book blogger for a few years now but my passion for quilting has been re-lit and I'm very excited.

  2. I love that improv looking quilt with the purple lines, and the paper-pieced? star block is amazing!


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