25 April 2012

XL Improv Quilt

This super-sized improv block quilt, finished last summer, remains one my my favorites, both for its simplicity and for the little extra details that make me smile.

I made this for a friend who told me she liked solids and Gees Bend quilts a lot (who doesn't?), and more subdued colors than I usually work with. I went ahead and created an XL improvised patchwork strip with navy, cream, and a hint of violet.  It was so fun to make, and I couldn't resist adding some quirky elements.

I hid some little vintage-y print scraps with tape measures, as well as some hand-stitched details.

It's a relief, sometimes, to work with a constrained palette, and I think solids swing the quilt's focus to shapes and patchworked textures.

It's backed and bound in medium gray, with the exception of  tiny bits of bright green and violet that I couldn't resist!

It's quilted in double organic horizontal lines-- close enough to give it some structure, but far enough apart to keep it very soft.

I'm  really interested in continuing to make quilts with this blown-up quality: taking a quilt block concept and making it extra-large.  Like this one, too.  Hm.

Sometimes, even if you're feeling a little bit too grown-up, you can still just wrap yourself in a quilt.

This quilt was also featured on Modern Day Quilts, an amazing eye candy collection that never fails to inspire!

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  1. I love this. I especially like the little handstich details.

  2. I shared a Liebster Award with you on my blog today. Thanks for inspiring me!

  3. This is such a cool quilt!

  4. Hello Anna, Craftsy featured your quilt and I just had to check out your blog. This quilt is stunning. I also like your statement "Sometimes, even if you're feeling a little bit too grown-up, you can still just wrap yourself in a quilt."
    Just wonderful.
    ~Christina in Cleveland


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