18 May 2013

Improv Picnic Plaid: Quilt Top

I've resolved to finish up as many WIPs as possible this summer. VERY tall order.

At first I thought I'd only allow myself to work on projects I already started and are in various stages of completion, using up some of my stash.

Then I started a new baby quilt with some new fabric.

Then, straight away (I promise), I hauled the pieces of this quilt top out of my cupboard and stitched it up.

Since today's the only sunny one we're likely to get for about a week, I headed right outside.

Turns out, working on WIPs is kind of rewarding: I don't have to start from scratch, and I am reminded of what got me excited about the project in the first place.  This one is a very "modern quilty" update on a traditional plaid picnic blanket.  (I must have picnics on the brain in May...)

For me, piecing together an improv quilt usually means a marathon sewing session, since I get so excited to attach everything in just the right place that I don't want to interrupt myself with something as silly as a break ;)

Now, I just have to bring myself to piece together a backing without starting something new...

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