29 July 2013

Patchwork, Revisited

I recently had the chance to do something new, for me, in terms of quilty experience:  I got to visit with (and use!) a quilt I made quite a while ago that has since been used and incorporated into daily life.  That's the point, right?

I think I am in love with simple patchwork all over again.  Something about the way it drapes on a bed is so lovely, and I definitely see more in my future. 

I was also struck with how many of these fabrics are from the same sewing era as my newest finish, a scrappy hexie pillow.  It's such a clear way to trace the history of my work, and I loved taking a careful look at these prints.  

On each of the white squares on this quilt, I embellished the space with different hand stitched borders, and always wished I had taken more pictures.  This time, I didn't let that opportunity pass by twice! 

The results and the fun of playing around with hand-stitching definitely inspired me to make my "Patchwork Without Patchwork" quilt, too.  

In a way, patchwork is timeless: using a wide variety of fabrics keeps it interesting, and the design is neutral enough that I don't think I'd get tired of it.  More, please!

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  1. It`s just beautiful.Great job!

  2. I love simple squares! I'm collecting fabric for a bed-sized squares quilt right now. Yours is beautiful!

  3. Beautiful! I made my first simple patchwork quilt this summer and loved the effect - your hand quilting really adds to it :)

  4. Such simplicity can be so gorgeous! Love the hand quilting! Looks like you had fun doing it.


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