19 May 2015

Cosmic Red and White Baby Quilt

As part of my recent dive back into doing more sewing, I decided to tackle some WIPs.  I found these three Sun, Please!  blocks (from two years ago!) and decided to feature them on a simple, gender-neutral red and white baby quilt.

This quilt measures about 42 inches square, and I love the contrast created by the simple layout and palette against the intricate paper-pieced block design of the suns.

On the back, I decided to feature another languishing old block, one for a star that I hope to post a pattern for soon. (I also used it for most of my paper-piecing tips visuals.) I was happy to include it on the otherwise solid red background.

Since the quilt layout is so simple, I added texture with an irregular diamonds quilting pattern, where some lines are doubled up. This resulted in somewhat denser quilting and stiffer overall feeling of the finished quilt. I also find that when I do any diagonal quilting, the finished product turns out to be more crinkly and puffy.  

For a bit more contrast, binding is made up of more red and white, with the red parts asymmetrically framing each corner.

Three suns and a star - certainly cosmic.

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  1. This is super cute! And what a great way to set "like" orphan blocks...I am feeling inspired, thank you!!


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