13 May 2012

Picnic String Quilt and Happy Mothers Day!!

I'm so happy to reveal my latest finish, which I had to keep under wraps, since I decided to give it to my mom for Mothers Day!

Although this string quilt has always been intended as a gift to her, quilt-worthy occasions for just kept creeping past me!  When I finally got around to finishing it a few weeks ago, I needed to squirrel it away until a holiday, and luckily Mothers Day wasn't too far off.

I used mostly Denyse Schimdt's line for JoAnn, (DS Quilts) Picnic and Fairgrounds, and threw in a variety of other prints that fit in with the pure navy, red, blue, and green tones. Whenever my mom comes over and inspects my fabric and projects, she always loves the modern retro prints like these, so I knew this line would be perfect for her.

It measures about 60x72 inches, and I backed it in a lovely large-scale DS Quilts floral. I quilted it in various straight lines along the diagonal white stripes, as well as the horizontal and vertical seams.  I really like the plaid grid that resulted! ( those disembodied Vans...)

The scrappy binding is made up of leftover fabric from the strings, and I think it goes really nicely with the random feel of the rest of the quilt.

For some reason, this quilt attracted a LOT of, um, "help" along the way.

I usually don't let these two become quite so involved in a project, but since I knew my mom doesn't mind a little cat hair, I was more lax than usual.

I had piecing, quilting, and binding assistance. All steps covered.

When it came time to try for some "quilt on a bed" photos, it was just hopeless.

If you can't beat 'em....

...join 'em. Little hams.

Happy Mothers Day!!

Edit: Since this is the Summery-est thing I've made so far, I'm linking up to Ellison Lane's Summer Sewing contest!

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  1. The quilt looks amazing! Love the range of colours and prints! Perfect present! =D

  2. that is one beautiful quilt anna! i bet your mom is super happy!

  3. Love all the "help" you got along the way! Great pictures. And I love the quilt, too. I'm sure your mom was thrilled.

  4. What a beautiful quilt! My cats do the same thing. They have even been known to sit on the end of the quilt as I'm feeding in through the machine to quilt it!

  5. That's so funny! I love that quilt, need to stock up on more DS fabrics (although I counted last night and I have over 70 different prints of hers already)!

  6. I am completely thrilled...and hypnotized by this quilt! And it is very special to have something so lovely and lasting made just for me by my own daughter. Thank you, Six White Horses! xoxo Mom!

  7. Lovin the patchworky feel on this one. Vibrant! love it:)

  8. This is way cute. I especially love the cat photos. :)

  9. Really wonderful fabric choices! Beautiful.

  10. I love all those DS fabrics you used - just beautiful!

  11. It's a lovely quilt! I'm not surprised your cats like it so much:-)

  12. Cats & Quilts... the purrfect combination. Love your quilt!

  13. I love a string quilt and this summery one is fantastic!!

  14. Cat tested and approved what more could you ask for. Nice work, another idea of how to use my strings.

  15. What a lucky mom!!! I just found your quilt on Pintrest and am going to make a similar one with white in the centers. I love yours, it is outstanding!! Very very nice work!!

    LOVE the cats...my gray tabby is always "helping" too...haaaa. It would be pretty lonely trying to quilt without her I guess.

  16. Wow...your quilt is so gorgeous and what a lucky mom you have!! I would be thrilled to death if one of my daughters gave me something like this.

    Your cats are so cute...the black one nearly brings tears to my eyes...I had a black kitty for a long time and had to have her put down several years ago at the age of 16. She was an incredible companion and I still miss her.

    another Janet!


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