30 May 2012


Well, as it turned out, due to an, um, interesting technology glitch, there are TWO winners for last week's giveaway.

So, the random winners are:

#51, Lindsay, who said: "I like to quilt to get some time alone! :)"


#74, Kimberly, who said: "I tend to sew by myself when I am able too, but sometimes little ones and cats come to visit me!"

You'll both be getting some Mendo in the mail soon!

I really loved reading all your comments about the cute furballs, inquisitive children, fun husbands, and serene silences you sew with!  It is also so great to get new ideas for things to watch and listen to.

Thank you so very much to you all for visiting and entering, hope to see you again soon!


  1. Congratulations to the winners =D

  2. Whee hee! Thank you so much :D

  3. Please can you tell me where you get your fabric? I love all the color.

    1. Thanks! My favorite sources are online: Fabric Shack, Pink Chalk Fabrics, and Hawthorne Threads!

    2. Oh, and I have found great stuff from independent sellers on Etsy, too!


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