30 August 2012

Adding: A "Plus" Quilt

Last Fall, a stack of plum, pink, aqua, orange, and red fabrics called out from the shelf.  I had been wanting to do one of these "plus" quilts for quite some time, and I based it off this tutorial, bumping the cut size of the squares up to 5.5 inches. 

A plus quilt is a fun alternative to the traditional patchwork, and comes together in much the same way:  lay it out, sew the rows together, and enjoy! (I had some some help.)

I decided that rounded corners would contrast nicely with the sharp geometric design of the quilt, and forged ahead with the necessary bias binding in Kona Aqua.

It's backed in an aqua and gray dot, and I quilted it in evenly spaced diagonal lines to form squat diamonds.

It measures about 60 x 70 inches and features so many of my favorite prints that I wish it was still around... 

but it warms my heart to imagine this one getting used all the time!!

It's also a who's who of the fabric design world: I threw some Dewberry, Schmidt, Wells, Butler, Whelan, Ross, Henderson, Paganelli,  Dena Designs and more all together and love how it turned out. The only one missing is some Anna Maria Horner (I have some of her most recent on the way, though...stay tuned)
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  1. What a great looking quilt! Loving that colour scheme, no wonder it was calling out to you. The contrast in shades really makes those pluses stand out =D

  2. It's charming! Love the fabric and color combinations!

  3. It's really beautiful and the curved edges are such a great touch.

  4. So pretty! I especially love the rounded corners. Excellent choice!

  5. just found you and I love your look! I am your newest follower and cannot wait to try the lone starburst block, I am swooning!!


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