01 October 2012


A month since my last post?  Apparently. 

I while back, I was approached with a request for a custom baby quilt like this one, only done in  beige, brown, and cream.  Oh, light blue, navy and gray could be included, too, in little bits.  

Needless to say, using a constrained and subdued palette was a challenge for me, but I was able to work with the customer to incorporate fabrics we both liked, with enough of a range of values to make the improv log cabins look interesting.  

I think that while I really enjoy sewing with bright and crazy colors, they aren't necessarily the colors that I would always decorate a room with, so I also was interested in the project for the practical challenge.  

While the original Dewberry trees weren't available in this color range, I found this cute but not cutesy print from the Storyboek line from Birch Fabrics.  

I liked it so much that I fussy cut the cute animals and trees into a strip for the back. 

I had never done a "repeat" quilt before, and I found it to be pretty hard.  It felt more like work than fun, which is what sewing is supposed to be, for me.  I would up LOVING the back of the quilt, though, and I guess that having to repeat the front pushed me to come up with something new that I'd like for the back.  

I quilted it in alternating single and double diagonal lines, bound it up with cute beige dots, and sent it off to its new home all washed and crinkly.  

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  1. It's very sweet and soothing. I like the little bits of sky blue in each block that keep the quilt from looking drab. You do realize that now you are going to get MORE people asking you to make quilts for them? :-)

  2. I love this quilt! I love the simplicity of it , and the calming colors, and the diagonal quilting. It all comes together beautifully.
    I will refer to this blog post when I want to make something to feature some pretty panels!


  3. I can never manage to restrain myself to quiet , calm colours like this, but the result is stunning. And the back is the piece de resistance!

  4. You did a great job! Love the colors.

  5. So good to see you back! This is an amazing finish. . it looks like you put a lot of love into it.

  6. You did such a great job on this. I love the soft colour palette. I bet the customer was happy ; )


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