06 March 2013

Herringbone Baby Quilt

Even though I'm pretty sure winter is never going to end, I'm so pleased to share one last result of my Field Study mania: a little herringbone baby quilt!

I used a strip piecing technique (as illustrated in this tutorial), but varied strip width and made units of about three fabrics so that I could mix them all up for a random look. 

Like with my recent triangles quilt, I was going for a soft feeling here, and kept the quilting simple, with double vertical lines along the herringbone center seams.

The backing is my very favorite Denyse Schmidt Picnic and Fairgrounds print--I sometimes think it looks like little golden bugs. Little quilts like these only use about a yard of fabric for the backing, and I like to fish out my larger cuts of fabric and see what works best.

Recently, I've been in a "get 'er done" mood, and haven't bothered with a pieced backing. In fact, I sometimes regret making a really interesting backing, since I start to like the back more than the front... and just one complementary fabric seems more fair to the quilt top that I spent so much time dreaming about and stitching together.

I framed the herringbone sections with some white fabric, and used dark gray for a nicely contrasting binding.

I'm still quite enamored with these fabrics, especially up close.  The colors are saturated without being flashy, and there are so many intriguing details in each. Along with the others (here and here), I have quite the trio to stack up!

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  1. Gorgeous! Makes me want to cut up my Field Study right now!

  2. Stunning and sophisticated, I love it!

  3. This is so pretty! I always feel like I need so much more quilting, but I really like the softness of your quilt with just the minimal straight lines along the seams. What kind of batting do you use, and how do these lightly-quilted quilts hold up over time through washings, etc? Do you have any problems with the batting breaking up or migrating into clumps between quilting lines?


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