29 March 2013

Simple Squared Pillow

Somtimes, I need to do simple, straightforward, rewarding sewing.

No futzing.

No stretching.

No "just make it work."

No slaving away.

Just square edges and inspiring fabrics.

 This pillow is a product of that impulse!

I started with the square in the middle, and built it out with a rough plan from there. So, although my goal was to keep it simple, there was still a slightly improvisational process I followed, as usual.

The front is lined with a layer of batting (how else to use up the scraps from quilts?) and I stitched some simple, straight quilting lines along seams and edges.

I backed it in gray upholstery-weight cotton with an envelope closure, and bound all the edges in a (mostly) green floral print.  It's fun to use a large-scale print for binding, since you get some lovely surprises in terms of what actually shows up on your finished product.

I also included a tiny bit of the gray heavy fabric on the front of the pillow, both to get it to the size I wanted, as well as to add a little bit of intricate visual interest.

An added bonus of that small gray strip is a bit more structure, which helps make the pillow stand up and look so pleasingly puffy!

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