07 April 2013

Spring Hope Triangles Quilt

This time of year is pretty tough in New England. You get the smallest tastes of warm air, glimpses of blue skies, and brief salty breezes.  Then the wind starts blowing, the temperature drops, and you realize you have to wait a bit longer.  Those teases make me crave REAL spring, with hyacinths and picnics and "just a sweater" weather.

For now, though, we have green shoots, plenty of salty dust, and the ground, covered in dried grass, is at least free of snow.  I hear that "mud season" is coming.

In the spirit of appreciating this time of year, here's a quilt that incorporates those bits of spring hope: green, blue, summer linen, in the midst of a calm sandy background.  

I have long admired quilts that make use of negative space, and had fun playing with layouts for these bordered triangles.

The background is Kona Champagne, on the tan side of cream.  Measuring about 55"x69" inches, this is a decent sized throw, I'd say. Because of the design, I think it would look great on a bed, too, with those triangles shooting up the side.

The back is a solid kiwi green (from Connecting Threads, I think) and the binding is a random assortment of coordinating solids.  

As for the quilting, I went with horizontal straight lines, with a wavy, organic second line twining around every third stripe.

To add a little bit of texture and detail to this otherwise very simple quilt, I incorporated some linen, which I think is particularly reminiscent of this rough, yet beautiful, northern Spring.  

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  1. It's a beautiful triangle quilt - I love the use of negative space and the linen looks stunning with the bordered triangles. I'm working on a triangle quilt but very different! Triangles may be my new love :)I hope spring comes for you soon.

  2. I have long wanted to make a triangular quilt! Yours is beautiful- a real inspiration! The calm colours are very relaxing too, so it would be great on a bed!

  3. Love the close up pictures of the quilt showing the linen texture. I bought some linen with the intent of using it for stitching, but now I'm thinking it may have to go into a quilt. Great idea.

  4. This is gorgeous. I like the simplicity of it

  5. gorgeous, so simple and elegant

  6. Your designs are so beautiful and clean. My readers at FaveQuilts would love them.


  7. Fortunately there shouldn't be much of a mud season this year in Portland. But watch out for black flies!


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