08 September 2013

Improv Picnic Plaid Quilt: Finished!

I couldn't very well commit to summer WIP's without finishing this one, right? I am pleased to present my completed Improv Picnic Plaid quilt.  

Made of out of sunny orange and snippets of light blue on a coal (or is it charcoal?) background, this one was really fun to make and finish, measuring up at around 60x70 inches. 

It's getting colder, but at least there are still some flowers.

To approach making my idea of improv plaid a reality, I used 10-inch blocks of improv strips to make intersecting improv stripes.  The "intersections" got their own special hashtag-ish block. For the quilting, I thought it only right that the quilting lines echo the wonky nature of the improv.

To bind, selected a light blue varied stripe from the Innocent Crush line, which I think sets off the darker gray background very nicely. You can't go wrong with a striped binding.

Sky toned scraps came together to make a pieced backing, that is half flannel and half cotton. Perfect for sharing, like those mattresses with different hardnesses on either side? Definitely.

As summer slips away, I'm sure what was conceptualized for a picnic will turn into a cosy companion to keep away the chill.  I can feel it coming!

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  1. Love the brightness against the charcoal.

  2. I really like the organic feeling of this.

  3. This is really adorable..so inviting..so nice to look at!

  4. I've been tempted to mix flannel and cotton, nice to see that you've done it here. Lovely quilt, the improv looks like you had a fun time creating it.

  5. Beautiful composition and lovely colors! Looks like you took your pictures in a really nice place to picnic, as well! Hope you get a chance to picnic!

  6. I love this! Perfect for summer, but the flannel makes it work in fall too, right? I wouldn't want to put this one away. :)


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