23 September 2013

Summer Finish Roundup

Nooootttt so much sewing over here this Fall! And it is certainly Fall up here! We've had a few very cold nights, and I've busted out my warm slippers.

As we move forward, I thought I'd record the work I did this summer as a way to reset and recharge for some cosy, stitchy evenings to come.

Back in May (ok, pre-Summer) I decided to devote my Summer to WIPs when I finished this quilt top.  I just finished the quilt as my last Summer project!  That full circle is really satisfying.

Cats love quilts.  I made a quilt that loves cats back (with a free pattern!).

This bed size Patty Pan quilt was, by far, my longest WIP ever.

The throw-sized one was much quicker!

A pile of hexies became a pillow.

I protected the furniture assets and boated-up my house even more.

This one's flannel backing is PERFECT. Totally a keeper.

And last, but not least, circling back.

Did I finish all my WIPs? No way.  However, I finished WAY more than I expected, clearing out space (in my fabric cabinet and my brain) for a few new things I have up my sleeve.

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  1. Good for you for the finishes! Cute quilt and kitties

  2. Es cierto "Cats love quilts", los gatos aman los quilts. One of them is like mine.
    Beautiful pillow (hexies).


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