05 October 2013

Scrappy Postage Stamp Pillows

I've long admired postage stamp quilts, and love how you can use up and feature favorite scraps! While a whole quilt is a bit daunting, when I got a request for some pillows with the same feeling as my scrappy hexie pillow, I thought postage stamp blocks would be an easier way to get the same look.

While I love the results, that "easier" idea was somewhat misguided.

"After all," I thought, "I could use a machine to piece the squares together!" I picked out some of my favorite fabrics, finding most of what I needed from scrap bags.

288 2" squares later, I wasn't so sure about my design choices.  While chain piecing was a breeze, cutting took SO MUCH time.  Finding fabrics, counting to make sure I had enough, pressing scraps, and cutting out individual squares was much more time consuming than I anticipated.

Once stitched up, I quilted the pillows in a tight grid along the seam lines, and added a tiny white flange for fun.  The edges and the envelope closure in back are bound with a half-inch red and white stripe, echoing the carefree and bright postage stamp style.

All that cutting--worth it!

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  1. So pretty ~ I love putting together little squares too!

  2. Love all the work you did and it looks great. The binding is PERFECT choice.

  3. Great cushions. I use a Sizzix to cut my squares, it really speeds things up.

  4. Those pillows are gorgeous! Worth all the work for sure. And I love your binding too :)

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  6. Love your pillows! I am such a fan for little patchwork scrappy squares. I cut many of mine with a June Taylor shape cut, goes pretty quickly. Love your color choices!


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