23 October 2013

Wonky Zig Zag Baby Quilt

I took my most recent baby quilt finish to the beach for some photos this past weekend!

While the day was stunning, quilt photo conditions weren't exactly ideal :)

Even with lots of wind,

and dappled shade,

we had fun anyway!

This baby quilt is modeled after many wonky, improv zig zag quilts I've seen around the nets, and measures up at about 42x56 inches.

When the recipient requested something with the same feeling as my Patty Pan quilt for a new baby girl, I knew I wanted to create something that would show off these lovely prints (and be completed in a reasonable timeframe).

I started with a rough plan and 8.5" squares of some of my favorite leftover fabrics. (Mostly by Anna Maria Horner, no surprise). Adding a strip of white at an angle and trimming back to size created each zig/(zag?) unit.

Backed in a Loulouthi favorite, and bound with a Stocking Stripe from the same collection, this was one fabric combo I didn't mind repeating. At all. Those blue roses still just get.me.every.time and I loved every bit.

A wonky zig zag has been on my "must-make" list for quite a while, and I'm so glad I got to it!

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  1. Quite lovely. Like your bold fabric and color choices! Thank you for sharing.

  2. love this so much. Yay for AMH fabric and wonky cutting!

  3. Sweet quilt ~ love the wonkiness of it! At first I thought there was something wrong with my vision ~ teehee.

  4. Beautiful! Love the colours and the wonkiness. :o)

  5. Very Very P R E T T Y!!! the colours and the wonkiness of it all.. I also love the simplicity of your quilting. It seems to emphasize the wonkiness more.

  6. Really lovely, Anna - fun colours and design. I'm sure your friend will love and cherish this beautiful piece of art.

  7. I love this pattern! Thanks for sharing, I think it may be my next 'make'

  8. Would like to have the instructions how you made this lovely quilt! Where can I find it ? Thks!

    1. I don't have an exact tutorial for this quilt, but I can tell you that I used the technique shown here: http://teaginnydesigns.blogspot.com/2011/07/wonky-zigzag-pillow-tutorial.html, switching sizes, as well as placement of the solid/print fabrics. Good luck!


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