05 November 2014

Lotta Strips Baby Quilt

Making a strip quilt is one of my favorite ways to showcase fabrics in a baby quilt!  This one is made with mostly Lotta Jansodotter prints, with a few extras thrown in. I love these fabrics for a not-too-girly quilt for girls :)

I really appreciate the contrasts of types of prints. Even though these varied collections play nicely together as a whole, they're different enough to stand out against each other.

Jansdotter's cross-hatch prints are just perfect, I think, and I was happy to mostly back this little quilt in a pink version.  Let's be honest--every time I use Jansdotter's prints, I wish I had the motivation to make multiple whole-cloth quilts--and I'd be equally satisfied with a whole quilt of this plaid! I used a red-violet (I just can't get past my crayola-box colors!) solid for the binding, which I think is dark enough to contrast with most of these high-density prints. 

Two straight lines of quilting accompany each horizontal seam to make a series of unevenly-spaced double lines.  Measuring up at about 42x48 inches, I think the casual feel of the design and the modern graphics of the image combine so nicely in this little gem. 

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