18 December 2014

Converging Corners Love Llamas Baby Quilt

Although this little quilt is from wayyy back in the summer, isn't its palette perfectly festive for the holidays?  

For this baby quilt, measuring up at about 40x60 inches, I used Film in the Fridge's Converging Corners Block tutorial, one that has been LONG on my to-sew list. I love how the piecing method is improvisational, yet the results are all squared up!

Sometimes, one single fabric inspires my entire fabric pull for a quilt. In this case, this Llama Love print from Monaluna fabrics grabbed me, and the rest is history. I love animal prints, especially when the animals aren't too cartoony. These llamas are just right. 

The most wonderful backing possible is some Anna Maria Horner butter-soft flannel, and I was so happy to see that this Pretty Potent print was a great match. The hearts!!

For quilting, I chose to stitch some wavy, organic horizontal lines at varied intervals. 

A simple charcoal binding frames all the llamas so nicely! 


  1. Fabulous! I love this quilt.

  2. LOVE! I have not touched my sewing machine in about 6 months...Working 80 plus hours...too tired but this has jumped started my MOJO must make!

  3. Hello! I am a new blogger and quilter. I love your blog and am now a follower. I've got a ton of WIP's to document and post to get up to speed, and I am looking forward to following you - you are sooo talented.


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