27 March 2015

Sea Glass Goose in the Corner Medallion Quilt

Is summer on its way? Looking at this lap-size quilt, which I finished last summer, is infusing my day with thoughts of boat rides, beach walks, and cocktails on the deck.  

I stitched this quilt with sea glass tones of green, aqua, and blue using "Goose in the Corner" blocks.

This easy-to-make and extremely versatile block was new to me, but I have it on my list to make more in different arrangements!  I used this tutorial, which leaves you with a nice stack of bonus HSTs for another project.

I backed it in a cerulean sea print that coordinates with the front without being matchy, and bound in a coordinating Denyse Schmidt Sugar Creek print. Quilting lines are organic peaked curves, kind of like the waves on the back.

Until the March gray snow is gone and replaced with green grass growing out of the granite, bordered with rosa ragusa bushes... this will do.  


  1. I love your Sea Glass Goose in the Corner quilt! These fabrics are so pretty with white!
    I am going to look up this block !

  2. This is beautiful! Those "streamers" are exactly the effect I was going for when I came up with my "breezy buntings"...this may be an easier way to it :) I love the colors, and that it is "on point" !


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