24 September 2015

Triangle Arrows Baby Quilt

This summer, I found myself with an interesting "problem": what to do with leftover half-square-triangle blocks from my Goose in the Corner Medallion quilt.  

I've long admired these kinds of arrows-made-of-triangles quilts, and once I figured out how I wanted to lay it out, I started this sweet baby quilt. 

Because there are so many seams with HST's, I wanted to quilt it so that I could balance hitting those seams AND keeping the quilt soft.  To do so, I stitched horizontal lines as well as diagonal ones (in just one direction) to create a rhombus-y pattern.

Backing is a simple sea glass and white stripe, and binding is a bright turquoise solid that's echoed in the arrows.  Working with HST's is a LOT of work, but it helps when they're pre-made!


  1. That is SO precious and pretty. I love it. Just beautiful!

  2. Your baby quilt is gorgeous! I love the white with the different blue fabrics! And I love how you made the leftover triangles into a beautiful quilt!!

  3. Wow, love it.
    Soothing colors! Lovely design

  4. I love this quilt! Everything about it is gorgeous and it looks so soothing.

  5. I also absolutely like this beautiful quilt. Looking at iit I am dreaming of a sweet dreams)


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