24 November 2015

Modern Linen Baby Quilt

Earlier this fall, I dove into my linen scraps that my friend Lynn at South Street Linen gave me to play around with.  I've used some of her fetching hand-printed linen before, but this time I decided to use exclusively linen for the quilt top instead of mixing it with quilting cotton.

The result: a collection of unique rectangular blocks splayed out and sashed up with classically linen-colored linen. Sometimes sashing a spontaneously-layed-out quilt can be a challenge, and I try to think of each block AND its sashing as a unit to make everything fit together.

Although my diagram isn't perfectly square because of my photo angle, it hopefully helps clear up how I consider each block + sashing as a new unit.

Although I started with squared up pieces of fabric, linen is *so* slippery, so each block has a bit of a wonky, improvised feeling up close. 

To match this slightly wonky feeling, I used sets of three intersecting organic straight lines for quilting. 

The backing is mostly blue-gray with a pieced strip of some favorite AMH scraps. 

The binding is a dark charcoal for a subtle contrast. 

After washing, the linen makes for a delightfully squishy and substantial quilt! 


  1. I absolutely LOVE this quilt! The colors, the style the quilting all beautiful.

  2. That is a bombastic quilt for a baby boy! Great work! I love it so much!

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