20 December 2017

Little X Baby Quilt

2017 Wrap up: I made this one quilt 😂

Solitary and adorable.

I made 12 blocks  - - what to call them: small granny squares? Plus blocks on point? To construct them, I first made 9-patch blocks with sashing fabric (Kona Stone) blocks in each corner, then added triangles to set them on point. 

The 1-inch straight line quilting is denser than I normally like (because so many lines!), but I think it works well with the simple design. 

It is bound in a lovely red-on-white irregular arrowhead print from Alison Glass, and there are some sweet foxes from Dear Stella (I think) on the back.

 Since this quilt is currently with its sweet little baby owner, I'm not 100% on the size, but I think it is about 33x42, since I used a one-yard cut of backing fabric.

Just a delight!


  1. Hey, Well done clap clap clap
    I have completed a couple of quilt tops but i have not FINISHED done and done anything this year.
    I like this quilt very much

  2. I've really enjoyed looking at your quilts on your blog. Beautiful, simple modern designs. Happy New Year !

    1. Wow, thanks for the kind words! Happy new year to you, too!


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