07 July 2017

Improv Flying Geese Baby Quilt

This darling baby quilt features flocks of wonky, improvised flying geese in navy, teal, and gold prints and solids. They're set on a greige sky (Kona stone). 

Usually, the process of making flying geese is very industrial for me. (I crank 'em out with the second method here, and have wound up with too many in the past!) 

This time, I set a standard width of 7" that each of my improvised geese had to reach, no matter the size of the goose triangle in the middle. That way, I knew that I would be able to easily piece them together in strips. 

I inserted some breaks in the lines of geese, and didn't worry much about any of them being centered at all. So liberating, that improv!

I backed the quilt in a teal double-gauze (from Cotton & Steel, I think?) and quilted it with double diagonal lines in just one direction. This is the first time I've used a double-gauze for a quilt backing, and the result is super squishy and soft!

The binding is one of my favorite Anna Maria Horner True Colors prints, which I have loved gazing at for a while in my cabinet and feel happy to have used. Now I want an adult-size one...


  1. Anna, this quilt is really cute!!!
    Well done and superb!

  2. Love it! Colours are wonderful and the process looks so relaxing.

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  5. Lovely! How did you get your geese to come out wonky?


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