23 June 2013

A Home for my Mini-Quilt

Finally, finally, I figured out what to do with my spider legs mini quilt! Summer, for me, means quite a bit of free time, so I've been chipping away at non-sewing projects.

For over a year, my experiment with circular improv chevrons sat on my DVD player (gathering dust). Does this happen to your projects?

This weekend, I paid some attention to my bathroom, and hung it up.  I fitted the back of the mini quilt, originally, with corner triangle pockets, so all I had to do was place two small picture-hanging nails in the wall, and step back to admire my work.  Much easier than anticipated, and all it took was a little free time!

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  1. Sometimes when a project comes together so quickly you wonder why it so long to get round to it! It looks great

  2. I've got the projects gathering dust down to a science, they kind of get ignored until my husband says, "what's this for?"

  3. Looks perfect in the bathroom! Great job!

  4. Mmm, yes :) I've got two quilt that are near completion but I have to let them marinate more time to figure out how they should be wrestled into submission.


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