25 June 2013

Quilt Pattern Debut: Patty Pan

I'm pleased to share the release of a summery new quilt pattern: Patty Pan!

Named after the delicious summer squashes with ridged edges about to hit farmers markets (I hope!), this block design uses half-square triangles to create zig-zag frames for your favorite "centerpiece" fabrics.

"Patty Pan," in some places, can also mean that little ridged paper cupcake/muffin wrapper, also a nice match for this shape. (If you are a Beatrix Potter aficionado, you also might know one of my favorites, The Tale of the Pie and the Patty Pan...)

The pattern contains cutting and piecing instructions for three block sizes with varying difficulty (based solely on size):

-a 24-inch finished square quilt block (Intermediate)

-a 60x60 inch lap size quilt top (Beginner/Intermediate)

-a swap-size 12-inch finished square quilt block (which I'll call "Advanced"... since it uses 1" HSTs!)

The photo above (from TWO years ago!) was my first draft, and I was so taken that I decided to size it up a bit.

I've been playing around with this shape (and my Loulouthi stash) ever since, and finally wrote it up to include fabric requirements, piecing diagrams, and a coloring sheet to plan your work, as well as ways to make your blocks into full and large lap size quilts, as I've done with my samples. 

I'll be writing about each of my finished quilts in more detail soon, with plenty of photos, too.

The pdf pattern is available to purchase and download instantly via Craftsy or Etsy. Happy summer stitching!

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  1. What a great way to frame a feature fabric!!

  2. This is adorable. I think this would be awesome with some Marvel superhero fabric I have. I would frame it with Blue and Red solids and make the zig zags in black, white, and yellow. Like the POW! and ZAP! from comic books.

    1. great idea, love it! I'm always looking for ways to change what I do to be less girl-centric.

  3. What a clever pattern! Such a nice way to frame a special fabric. I also really love how you styled your photo with the turquoise bed and the red flowers--they showcase your quilt beautifully!


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