20 February 2012

Sometimes it's Easy

More often than not, one particular fabric will inspire an entire project for me.  In this case, a gorgeous citron tree print from Joel Dewberry's Modern Meadow line was my starting point.

I gathered together some coordinating fabrics in citron, navy, aqua, and gray, fussy cut the trees in 6.5 inch squares, and set to work making improv log cabin blocks.  I then bordered each block in a citron lattice (Also Modern Meadow), to give them all a sense of continuity.  It's a rather unique and sophisticated palette, and at the time was a departure from my fixation with bright candy tones.  

Suddenly, I had four large blocks just begging to be a baby quilt.  Begging.  

So I set them up in some white. 

I bound it in a navy floral fields print, just scrumptious.  I really like using an interesting print for binding these days, and I think the flowers on this print keep the navy from overpowering the rest of the quilt, while still providing contrast.

All finished, it measures about 36x40 inches.

It's backed in a light gray, featuring one more of those pretty pretty trees (they have birds flying around them!).  I machine-quilted this in a chevron pattern, with about 3 inches between lines. I really love how it turned out and plan to do it again!

(This quilt found it's way straight to the shop.) (Sold)

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