15 February 2012

Wonky Stars Trio

Wonky stars on a sea of color.  What else do you need? This trio of baby quilts was inspired by a quilt at Film in the Fridge that i just loved.  I made all the wonky stars using this tutorial from The Silly Boo Dilly, which has since become such a go-to!

When I kept the design and process relatively similar, I got to change up many of the different technical aspects of the quilts as I went along, experimenting with color, quilting, and details. 

Each quilt is somewhat reversible, and there's a secret star on the Kona Lupine back of this one. I quilted this one in random straight lines radiating out of one corner.   

For this lavender, coral, and aqua one, I made wonky stars in 3 sizes, and then set them up with plenty of white.  

I love the stripey Kaffe Fasset binding! 

I added some light blue hand-stitching around the stars, which also shows up on the back of the quilt.

This soft yellow (Kona Maize), aqua, and gray crosshatch quilt was next.  

It has multiple stars on both sides, making it truly reversible.  

I'd say that this quilt's "special experimental feature" is its 100% hand-quilting.  I got the special thread, the special TINY needles, and got stitching!

I quilted alternating single and double diagonal lines with a light gray thread.  So much couch time, I loved it!

I love how this one looks folded up! Best of all, it gets a lot of use in its new home!

After such a soft palette, it's no surprise that I moved on to something bright:

Orange and turquoise! At the time, I wouldn't have been able to say exactly what made this my favorite of the bunch, but looking back, it's definitely the contrast between the saturated hues and the bright white.  

I think this quilt combines the best of both of my previous efforts! I went with a sunny bright yellow-orange for some hand-stitching around just the small stars.  Stars! Binding! Pow!

For the quilting on this one, I first did some horizontal lines, and then worked in diagonal lines inwards from the corners, making a diamond shape.

  This one has a solid Kona Orange back, and the binding is Kona Turquoise.  

Cute hand-stitched corners, something that I really loved, and have continued ever since!

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