09 February 2012

Zig Zag Cat Magnet

I'd say that this zig-zag quilt the first one that I consciously planned for and made.  Unlike my first quilt, I deliberately chose the fabrics and the design for this one.  It was really the first time I saw a quilt and said, "I want to make THAT!" and did it.

The fabrics are various feedsack and 1930's reproductions.  Although I've moved towards more modern fabrics since then, I still have a major soft spot for these cheery prints, and hope to incorporate more of them into my work these days. The white strips are Kona Snow.

I used a great tutorial  on the Bee Square Blog by Crazy Mom Quilts.  I really like how it's made of rectangles, not triangles.  Perfect for a beginner!

It's bound in a sweet red and yellow 30's floral.

I pieced a double line of scraps into the red dot backing, which might be my favorite part of this quilt!

I echoed the patchwork with hand-quilting zig-zag lines on the white fabric about 1/4 inch away from the seams.  

It measures about 45 by 60 inches, which is a little too small for a human adult, but just perfect for smaller creatures. This quilt the floor (or anywhere else, really) is a cat magnet! He just can't stay away. He also enjoys being in photographs.  

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