28 February 2012

Bright, please!

Pillows are one of my favorite wonderful and relatively quick projects.  And it has been a dreary week here.

They're also comfy and useful!

I whipped these up with squares of bright floral Treasures and Tidbits in the center, along with plenty of one of my favorite fabric lines, LouLouThi by Anna Maria Horner. I love how the Treasures and Tidbits ones look almost like woodblock prints.  

They aren't quilted, just simply lined with some muslin for feather-poking protection.  

The backs are made of upholstery-weight cotton canvas, and I edged the envelope closures with more LouLouThi.

I can't get enough. I'm nowhere near done with this collection--watch out.

These are both 18x18 inches. 

I love using feather inserts because they make the pillows look and feel so puffy and smooshy. 

I also made a little friend to go with them!  This one has LouLouThi in the center and some Innocent Crush (Also Anna Maria Horner) on the outsides, and measures about 12x16 inches.  

This one IS quilted on the front, with a layer of batting along with the lining.  Smoosh. It's just perfect for putting behind your head when slouching reclining.  Another little friend is interested, too.  

I used this amazing home dec fabric for the back, Prairie Gothic.  Who knew bugs could be so pretty?! It's a little weird and I love it. 

Result, the glowing trio. ♥ 

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  1. they are really cute. i love those x's and o's. one of my favorite prints!

  2. Just wanted to tell you I really love your blog. Your pictures are so vibrant! I started following the other day!

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