01 March 2012

A Sure Win for Dreary Days

In about 6 weeks in NYC, people will be outside at cafe tables, sipping iced lattes and grinning, happy to feel the sun on their toes. We will have just taken the flip flops out of storage, and will wear them, even though it might not quite be warm enough.  

Right now, though, we're mostly trudging through 40-degree drizzly weather, on the verge of clobbering everyone with our umbrellas, all passive-aggressive elbows and frowns.  It's a tough time of year.  

So I needed a win.  

I'm happy to report that I used my Leap Day well and finished up a new ironing board cover that I made along with February's sew-along at I have to say....  It was fun and easy, and such a nice thing to do for yourself.  My ironing board is a little wider than normal, so I just added a few inches according to the instructions.  

Why not pretty-up something you use all the time?

Instant win!
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  1. Very pretty! I've thought about doing some patchwork for mine, but feared the seems would leave marks in fabrics as a press. How does it work for you?

    1. hmm, I haven't used it enough to say, yet. I pressed the seams open to reduce the risk, but if that doesn't work... I'll just avoid the area ;)

  2. oh it is very very pretty! what did you use for the padding on your ironing board. mine is sooo disgusting i really really need to make a new cover for it.

  3. Great tutorial! I also wanted to let you know that today I awarded you the Liebster Blog Award. :) I have really enjoyed getting the chance to follow along with your posts and projects and can't wait to see more!



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