26 March 2012

Feature Quilt

When I saw this quilt at Film in the Fridge, I knew just what to do with some of the gorgeous hand-printed linen scraps my friend Lynn of South Street Linen gave me to play with!

Along with the linen scraps, I used white, ash, cream, and Kona Tangerine in simple borders radiating off the corner square.  The widths of each layer were sort of randomly chosen and improvised as I went along.   I love how it turned out-- using all solids is a great way to spotlight some really special fabric.

Lynn is an amazing artist, and making some of the softest, prettiest linens (scarves, table linens, and more!) you can imagine.  

I quilted it in straight lines echoing the corner square, and then in L's, varying the density of the straight lines as fabrics changed.  

I pieced a sweet little improv block for the back out of leftover scraps.  I love putting a surprise back there!

It's bound in medium gray, and I gave it some lovely tangerine x details in a corner. Yum!

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  1. i love the simplicity of the neutrals combined with the bright of the orange. very lovely! the quilting is very beautiful also!


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