19 March 2012

Rainbow Vortex Quilt

Viola! Just in time for Spring! 

Back in September, I had to decide what to send my bee-mates for my month in the Quilting Under the Rainbow bee.  I chose Aneela Hoey's crazy scrappy blocks, which I think look like a swirling vortex! The only problem was that I didn't have enough true "scraps." So I made some by cutting strips and squares from my stash, sorted them by color, and packaged them up for mailing. 

Each person got two bundles: scraps + one white center piece.  Over the next couple months, finished blocks came back to me from my fellow bees, and I also made up a bunch myself from the leftover scrap packs, each measuring 10 inches unfinished. 

Then the blocks sat for a while, until I was seized with the urge to sash, and spent a lazy Saturday with strip upon strip of white.  

Once the top was completed, I admit, it sat for a bit longer.  

But then, on yet another Saturday, I sandwiched, basted, and quilted it up in randomly spaced horizontal lines. Washed and dried for crinkles!

 It's backed in a sweet aqua ikat, 

and bound with fun watermelon dots (Lipstick Ta Dot)!

I really love how each block bears the imprint of its maker-- I hope my bee-mates can spot their blocks! A HUGE thanks to them all for their amazing work!


Edit: I linked up to the Festival of Scrapiness over at Stitched in Color-- what amazing scrappy quilts people are making!! 
Scrap Attack Quilt-Along

And I won a whole roll of batting!  a WHOLE ROLL! O_o

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  1. I just love this quilt! It's neat that so many people helped create it.

  2. Wow, that's quite a lot of work! I love quilts with tons of fabrics to spy...love it!

  3. love it! congrats, just saw that you won a ginormous roll of warm & natural - so awesome!!!

    1. Thanks!! Ahhh! I know, I'm too excited!!! It feels like I'm going to have batting forrreeevvverrr!!!

  4. i am sooo soo sooo excited for you! congrats on the batting win! you are going to have batting foooorrreeevvverrrr!!!!! i am a little jealous! ;)

  5. This is an awesome quilt - seeing it makes me want to make one!


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