28 March 2012

4x5 Q1 2012 - Finished Blocks!

This quarter, for the 4x5 bee, which I love, I decided to experiment with diamonds.  (If you're interested, I wrote up a full tutorial to make one of these 12.5-inch square blocks, available here.) 

While making these blocks, I got to play around with color placement, my favorite! In this bee, I see each block as an opportunity to make one design into a unique creation just by switching up fabrics and colors.  

Requested colors: aqua, teal, yellow, lime.
I loved using a crazy print for the lattice strips in this one!  I also kept the layout quite symmetrical.

 Requested colors: pink
What to do with a monochromatic request?  I switched up intensity, value, and pattern for contrast, using some of my all-time favorite fabrics.

Requested colors: Aqua, yellow, gray, with gray background
This is one of my all-time favorite color combinations!  I really liked seeing how changing just the background color makes a big difference.  

Requested colors: red and aqua
This one has a rather unique layout, with three vertical aqua diamonds surrounded by red.  I also used a solid for the lattice strips to add a bit more aqua to the mix and balance the block.  

Requested colors: apple green, aqua, hint of red.
I love this one!  Something about the sharp contrast of red in the center, with the cool aqua and green tones around it, makes me very happy.  Also, I'll use any excuse to get those DS Quilts dots in a project.  

My test block:  I requested scrappy and bright, saturated colors, so I did the same for my block.  
I'm REALLY into scrappy projects right now, and had A LOT of fun with this block.  Instead of inserting the lattice pieces in parallel lines like a hash mark, I did these overlapping ones by cutting one white strip open at a time, sewing it back up with a lattice strip, and cutting the next one clockwise.  So, I inserted the orange dots first, then the DS Quilts aqua flower tiles, then the seahorses, and finally the LouLouthi stripy piece.

I have so many projects waiting to be finished that I'm not sure if I can commit to this bee next quarter-- I always imagine it will take less time than it does, and I can't help myself and just dive into these fun blocks!
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  1. I LOVE these blocks! I know what you mean about the time commitment, I am trying to decide about next quarter myself. It is so much fun though, and I love seeing what everyone comes up with. Great job!

  2. Oh my GOODNESS!! These are fabulous : )

  3. I just found you via Maureen's site. What a wonderful blog you have!

  4. These blocks are gorgeous. Can't wait to receive mine. Thank you Anna!

  5. Oh my goodness these are amazing! I think these would be great for a charity quilt I'm making for our guild! I've seen the tutorial you wrote so thanks for that!

  6. Thank you so much for this excellent tutorial. So well illustrated and written.


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